Bring out the best in each child!


“How can I bring out the best in this child?” is a question that all parents, professionals and organizations involved with children ask themselves. The way we bring up our children leaves a lasting imprint. We all remember those adults who inspired, supported and brought out our best when we were young. Childrearing really matters!

In the ideal world we’d know instinctively how to help each child in our lives to develop their potential. At the very least we’d all have great role models. But life – and childrearing! – aren’t always that simple. Every child is unique and all parents, professionals and organizations have their own particular struggles, uncertainties and blind spots when it comes to helping children overcome their developmental challenges. International parents and professionals have it especially hard at times and can feel very alone in their childrearing roles.

This is where Childrearing Matters can help.

On the basis of scientific research and extensive practical and policy-making experience, and working both directly with children and international and Dutch parents, professionals and organizations, Childrearing Matters can give you the insights, strategies and skills to help children and families to thrive.

Childrearing Matters was established in 2011 and has already built up a considerable reputation within the Dutch and international parenting and professional communities. To find out more about the services and clients of Childrearing Matters, just click on the relevant section of this website or subscribe to the free Childrearing Matters newsletter, which gives valuable information on events and advice on raising happy, competent, confident children.

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